Win an engraved tailfin of an aviation bomb

On May 29th at 15:54 GMT+3, we were just a few hundred meters away from a bomb strike in Kharkiv. We have decided to engrave and raffle off one of the tailfins from that bomb to raise funds for our training initiatives.
Fortunately, no one was hurt by the impact. The strike occurred just behind an empty civilian industrial unit, northeast of Kharkiv, while we were nearby putting up mine risk education posters.

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1. Every ticket bought equals one entry into the raffle

Winners are picked at random through a random picker. The winners will be contacted through the e-mail address provided at checkout. Please make sure you use a up-to-date email and phone number!

2. There's no limit to how many tickets you can buy

If you donate a custom amount, every $10 increment will grant you one additional ticket. Every $40 increment will grant you an additional 5 tickets, and every $80 increment will grant you additional 10 tickets. The possibilities are endless.
Example: $100 = 12 tickets. $150 = 18 tickets. $250 = 31 tickets.

Watch the bodycam video

The engraving

We have made the decision to engrave the exact coordinates where this bomb struck. You might wonder why, especially given that most of our operations are cloaked in OPSEC and secrecy. The reason is simple: there were zero military targets at the site of the strike, as well as throughout the surrounding industrial sector. The industrial complex that was destroyed stood on empty farmland. We invite you to verify the coordinates for yourself. The bodycam video further corroborates that there was absolutely nothing within literal kilometers of the impact site worth targeting.

What bomb is the fin from?